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Resiliency and Post-Traumatic Growth

Here are links to a series of article and a video helping you to rebuild after a traumatic event.

What is Resiliency? Most commonly, the term resilience has come to mean an individual’s ability to overcome adversity and continue his or her normal development. Everyone is likely to experience a traumatic event in their life, it is almost unavoidable. Everyone’s experience of traumatic events will be different. How people are affected, cope and recover varies greatly. (Read more of the article by clicking here).

Post-Traumatic Growth. Focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses is a basic tenant of recovery, however for people who have experienced trauma this can be very difficult and part of what is wounded in the trauma. There is a tendency to see themselves as inherently weak due to their experiences. Beginning to see yourself from a strengths-based perspective is part of the process toward healing. Shifting your view of trauma as an injury shifts the perspective/belief away from “sickness” to “impact” and moves the conversation away from “what is wrong with you” to “what has happened to you”. (Read more by clicking here).

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Health. Everyone struggles in life at one time or another, and life’s journey has many ups and downs, twists and turns.  Life is never a straight and even path and may require the occasional detour to get to where we want to be in life. Whether you have experienced traumatic events or not, and most of us have, we all experience times when we doubt ourselves, are fearful, uncertain and feel inadequate. This is part of being human. Trauma can affect our mental health but it doesn’t mean we are crazy, sick or ill. Remember, trauma is an injury that happens to us. (To read this article and see an extensive way to recover from traumas on all levels, click here).

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