Recovering from a disaster is a long and sometimes complicated process. This site will re-build along with the county. It will begin with the things that are most important now, in these first few days and weeks after the fire. Information will be added continuously as the recovery goes on, and details for those who want to rebuild their homes or conduct other activities that may require permits or permissions will also be included.

Moving forward, every effort will be made to keep the site current with the addition of new content or links, including links to the cities of Ventura, Santa Paula, Ojai and Fillmore, because their policies may differ slightly from the County’s.

Ventura County Recovers is intended to be a comprehensive, one-stop site to aid the recovery process. However, County employees will also be out in the community, personally helping disaster victims, and all of our regular services are still available at the Ventura County government Center and other County locations.